Our Leadership

Grace & Stu Duxfield

Corps Planting Officers

(Senior Pastors)

The Salvation Army Rolleston is led by Grace and Stuart Duxfield (our Corps Planting Officers aka. Pastors or Ministers), who are supported by our leadership team. 

Grace and Stu are from Wellington. After a number of years ‘Doing Ministry’ together alongside other work, they felt called to full-time ministry in the form of Salvation Army officership. They have been married 10 years, and have a 6-year-old son Jesse to keep them on their toes!


As part of their training, they both completed their Diploma in Biblical Studies, their Diploma in Biblical Studies (Leadership), and their Certificate of Salvation Army Officer Training; and they are currently both finishing up their Bachelor of Theology. They were commissioned ‘Lieutenants’ and ordained in 2018.

Marilyn Leque

Leadership Team

Marilyn served as a Salvation Army Officer before retiring to Rolleston around 10 years ago.


She was heavily involved in establishing The Salvation Army here, and continues to share her wisdom and experience as she invests in our church. She shares her life with her beloved dog, Deno.

Marilyn is cheeky, fun, and an amazingly caring person – have a chat with her today and you’ll soon 
see why we love her! 

Ezekiel Mafusire

Leadership Team

Zeek and his wife Rumbie have led all over the world as part of the Salvation Army. From their home country of Zimbabwe to America, Australia, and various places in New Zealand, they’ve settled in Rolleston with their daughter Zeina. 

Zeek brings his passion for God and others to all he does, and his wisdom, discernment and friendly charm are a key part of the leadership here. Spend some time getting to know Zeek and Rumbie, 
you won’t regret it! 

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